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I'm Mihajlo Nikodijević

Software Developer & Entrepreneur

  • LocationVienna, Austria
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  • CurrentCEO at Werbifi

I'm a young software engineer from Serbia experienced in all phases of software and web application development. Werbifi Wi-Fi Marketing is my first self-launched project and company, which I hope to grow in the near future.

✔ Modeling business processes and specifying system requirements
✔ Planning and organizing work according to agile methodologies
✔ Advanced knowledge in Web Development
✔ Many years of experience in Node.js (Express.js)
✔ Strong Knowledge in SQL Database (MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB)
✔ Favorite Frontend Framework - Vue.js
✔ Other Tools - GraphQL, Redis, Kafka, Socket.io, etc.
✔ University Knowledge in Java, C, C++
✔ Testing and deploying software into production - AWS, CI, CD
✔ Ability to quickly adapt to changing requirements, strong communication and leadership skills

  • 2019 2016

    Bachelor IT | University of Vienna

    This step was the most important step in my life. This University showed me every day how small I am, but it rewarded for any hard work. I enjoyed learning modern IT Technology from lecturers and colleagues. Can't wait to apply all this knowledge on my projects in near future.
    Bachelor finished, now Master is waiting!
  • 2016 2015

    IT Course - First Steps in IT

    CodeStream Academy, led by its professional teacher, are the most credited for my motivation and obsession to build amazing software. I gained first experience in OOP with our first software - POS Ordering System for Restaurants and Cafes written in OO C++ (Embarcadero).
  • 2015 2012

    Gymnasium School

    As a "Vukovac" (synonym for a member of an elite group of highest performing students), I'm very proud of my high-school education and great math knowledge gained at this school. My goal it to impress this lovely place and people with my achievements and future carrier.
Favorite Quotes
We are drowning in information and starving for knowledge.
John Naisbitt
Smart Work Dedication
My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.
Nikola Tesla
Idea and inspiration
Success belongs to the reletnless learners. Because as you know more, you can achieve more.
Robin Sharma
Learning Motivation
  • 10/2018 09/2019

    Morpher Trading Platform

    Full-stack Web Developer
    Met stringent application design specifications in the creation of a blockchain based trading platform. With a clean UI and robust front-end, Morpher.com stands to become one of the top 50 blockchain platforms of the future. While the technology stack remains secret (for now), the platform boasts features of infinite market liquidity, commission free trading, and bypasses middlemen.
    Worth checking out: morpher.com
  • Present 07/2017

    Werbifi Wi-Fi Marketing

    Founder & CEO
    As a Founder and CEO at Werbifi I care about every single detail in our Wi-Fi Marketing Application. This is my first big project, and I hope it will grow so high until every gastronomy business in Austria use our Wi-Fi Marketing System.
    Visit website for more details
  • 07/2018 08/2018

    1broker.io | 8bit GmbH

    Full-stack Web Developer
    My first work experience (1 Month) in Vienna was at small Crypto StartUp 8bit GmbH. 1Broker and 1Fox projects gave me first overview of crypto exchange and trading platform. Unfortunately, this projects were stopped due to US SEC regulations.
    Visit 1broker.com for more details
  • 2016 2015

    CodeStream Academy

    Very great company lead by professional developer Mr. Mijatovic
    Done first tasks and solved first problems in software development. We made cross-platform application for ordering and bookkeeping used by restaurants and cafes. Very nice and useful experience for me and my further carrier.
  • 2015 2013


    I used to make websites for other people and repair their computers. Enjoyed hacking Facebook accounts and installing home lan network for playing computer games.
    I was some of those who spend all day and night playing on computer.
Projects number 5
  • Smart Media Presenter
    Smart Media Presenter

    My Bachelor Thesis "Smart Media Presenter" is an open-source, cross-platform, desktop application, that is used to present still images and video in a slideshow format.
    This software is written in Electron.js which provides the ability to build executable files for every operating system, while supporting user-friendly graphic user interfaces.

    Presentation Desktop App 01/12/2019
  • Morpher Trading Platform
    Morpher Trading Platform

    Morpher is a trading platform on the Ethereum blockchain that fixes trading and investing. Morpher empowers its users to trade unlimited assets with zero fees and infinite liquidity.
    Fractional trading capabilities makes the financial markets accessible to everyone. Trade stocks in pre-market, weekends, holidays, and everything in between.

    Trading Blockchain 01/09/2019
  • Werbifi Wi-Fi Marketing
    Werbifi Wi-Fi Marketing

    Wi-Fi Marketing Solution - Empowering Wi-Fi Networks in many Restaurants, Clubs, Cafes, Shops and Taxis in Vienna.
    Werbifi helps HORECA sector to stay in touch with their visitors, by requiring registration for Wi-Fi usage.
    Following Features: Real-time advertisement, Newsletter System, Automated Google Review Reminder and more.

    Business Marketing 07/07/2018
  • Smart Room
    SmartRoom | Device control

    SmartRoom - AccorHotels Hackathon Solution. System Prototype: Every hotel want to improve customer experience and make the stay easier and more interesting.
    Web Application and Google Home Mini together with IoT Devices could turn the lights and air condition on/off.
    This project was #1 Place at the AccorHotels Hackathon in Budapest.

    Hackathon Smart Room 08/06/2018
  • MyPet Project
    MyPet - Pet Tracking System

    MyPet - GPS Tracking Application for pets. System Prototype: GPS Device connected 24/7 with Server Application written in Laravel via Pusher real-time API. The Android and IOS Application along with Google Maps API are planned for locating the pets.
    This project was not realized in real life and it was only for the Project Management course at University of Vienna.

    Prototype Tracking 30/10/2017
  • OrderMe

    Cross Platform Ordering and Bookkeeping System for Gastronomy. Our team has used Embarcadero Cross-Platform App Development Software to develop the software for Windows (POS / Bar) and Android App (Waiter). Oracle Database used for the storage. The project was meant for learning the OOP in C++ and successfully implemented in one cafe in Serbia.

    Ordering Bookkeeping 3/14/2016
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In my opinion, Web Applications are the future. Web browsers are getting better and faster. This gives us the ability to easily use the apps cross different platforms and devices.
Nobody likes to install some software on the computer anymore. Mobile Apps (Android/IOS), require a lot effort in development, and they are not the best solution for the complex and real-time systems.


One of my favorite quotes when it comes to Big Data: "We are drowning in information and starving for knowledge." - John Naisbitt

Modeling the system, optimising large databases and writing clean and fast queries are my obsession. If you want more from your project, your database must be fast, reliable and secure, as your memory.

MySQL/MariaDB Oracle PostgreSQL MongoDB SQLite Sequelize LEVEL : INTERMEDIATE

My Bachelor Thesis - Smart Media Presenter - is an open-source, cross-platform, desktop application, that is used to present still images and video in a slideshow format.
This software is written in Electron.js which provides the ability to build executable files for every operating system, while supporting user-friendly graphic user interfaces.
GitHub Repository

Electron.js Vue.js LEVEL : BASIC

I consider myself a good communicator and team leader. I enjoy being the center of attention. My native language is Serbian, along with fluent German and English I feel welcome in every international team. Basic knowledge of Russian and Spanish make me more new friends and interesting connections.
Great project management skills, like ability to motivate a colleague and predict the problems in software development make me a great team leader.

German English Serbian Russian LEVEL : ADVANCED